Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FaerieWorlds 2012

What a crazy wild weekend that was! I'm still in the process of sobering up from the high that is FaerieWorlds.

For starters, I've uploaded a n00b video montage of my experience there:

I can't even really properly word all of everything that happened. So, I'll keep this fairly short.

It was absolutely incredible to see so many hordes of people, characters, musicians, and others all wearing Oak Myth Masks. Very quickly, I had lost count of every sighting of past and new creations that were wandering around out there, in the wild. Old customers would even wander in from time to time to tell us stories of all the adventures they had gone on with their masks and crowns. I think that's probably what I love the most... the stories and journeys that people embark upon with these wearable art pieces Eve and I create.

Carmen, our dearest and beloved model, came with us again for this ride (and drove the car most of the way... god, I love that woman). She performed magically! It's thanks to her that Oak Myth Masks will be appearing in a documentary.
She attracted the attention of a film crew, who invited her (wearing the white wolf mask) to be in their documentary titled: "A Journey Through Transformation Festivals." Later, they came into our booth to film and photograph lots of our creations. We're going to be in the credits!
You can watch the trailer here:

And visit their website / Facebook page!

So, I suppose to wrap this post up, I'll leave you all with some wonderful photographs I've collected from the festival:

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