Monday, March 11, 2013

Been a while!

I figured an update was in order, being as we've been mostly silent for several months now. Apologies!

Production has slowed significantly, mostly due to a lack of reliable transportation. Many of you have probably noticed that our etsy shop is minimally stocked with only what we have available, instead of our usual handful of in-stock items and the rest of the designs up as made-to-order. This is because we can work, if we are lucky, once a month! And it would be unfair to promise items within our usual time frame.

Custom design orders are closed indefinitely as well. A good number of people were under the impression that Eve and I functioned much like a large scale corporation (to the extent that many people assumed that rude behavior would yield better results in their design, or expect us to read their minds). Plus, again, it's impossible for us to make an accurate time estimate with our inability o get to the shop. :(

On the bright side, as soon as possible, we will be working remotely. I'll take home as many designs as possible that are ready to paint, while Eve will be tooling and cleaning edges from her home.

April 20th and 21st we'll be at the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival! It's only $10 to get in, and a wonderful event with local foods and drinks, tons of artisans, and plenty of activities. Saturday morning there will also be a parade! Eve and I both attended this fest during our childhood and its an event very close to our hearts. We hope to see you there!

And the last little update: I (Ashley) will be going to the Academy of Art University next fall, and possibly interning at Pixar this summer. YAY! But this also means production probably won't pick up for a long while :( Still, we'll do our best.

Thank you for your endless support!