Friday, July 22, 2011

FaerieWorlds Wrap Up

Okay, obviously  bad at this whole blog thing. That video sums up the awesome of FaerieWorlds pretty well!

In a nut shell, we sold almost half of our mask/crown stock as well as some key chains. :) We grossed $1,100 which came to a little over $200 each for profits (after the booth costs and what not). We did the best on Saturday, despite the rain! :)

Got a couple custom orders too, which we have finished and just need to ribbon and send off.

Considering our next festival, FaerieWorlds Harvest, is in the throws of the Halloween season, I expect we'll make a LOT more!

An actual Oak Myth!

I found this to be a very interesting and quite awesome tale of the "Oak Myth" :)
(In all honesty I didn't know there were Oak Myths out and about! The name came from the combination of Eve's username and my own, Oakwitch and FeatherMyth.)