Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So soon *twitch*

Ashley again.

Thursday morning, 6:00AM, Me, Eve, and our delightful boyfriends leave for faerieworlds. 9 hours of driving. A total of 43 masks and crowns (I'm laughing right now, thinking about our goal of 135).

Are we excited?

Are we nervous as fuck?

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Our last official work day! All that's left, really, is to touch up a crown, paint a dragon, varnish, ribbon, and fire proof the tent. Everything else is set.

Eve bought a cute little subaru wagon. Bessie! I trust her with my life... and our business (Bessie, don't you fucking dare mess this up for us. Just kididng I love you. But seriously).

It's scary and thrilling. I'm pretty sure we (as in, Eve) spent much more money than originally anticipated. Like, $300 just on extra vending passes and camping for the four of us, and two friends who are helping out.  Oh and our required extension chord was another $130 (10g 100ft...whyyy). But, if we sold every single mask and key chain, we would not only break even, we would each profit considerably. Good news! I just hope we don't sell out too quick.

I'm planning on taking as many pictures as possible. And of course, they will end up here :) Probably won't update again until after the festival is over. As always, thanks for the continued support.
Have a new mask design: