Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It seems this blog has been rather neglected. No bueno!

Here's the latest since oct 1:

Ashley (me) is in a fantastic new relationship.
Ari is now flying solo; working on his own mask business.

Yes, oh my gods. The vending tent just arrived today! Ebay is the way to go, folks. We got a 10x10 pop up with walls and carrying case for $100! Mind you, when I was trying to pull the contraption out of it's tightly packed box, the darned bag ripped. It's fairly small though, so I think I should be able to patch it up. It weighs a total of 45 pounds. Luckily shipping was free.

My dad is having a fold out sign ("A line"... kind of like the real estate signs you see at street corners) made for us, with our business name engraved into the wood. Sweeeet. "Oak Myth Masks and Leathercraft" So thrilled.

And to top it all off? We've set a goal for ourselves of 135 masks. So far, we have:
6 Masks of the sun
1 Peacock Mask
1 Dryad Key Chain
1 Tree Mask
1 Octopus Key Chain
1 Masquerade Mask
1 Raven Half Mask (not pictured)

We need a lot more key chains and a hell of a lot more masks. But! We can make this happen. Every day, I'm doing more research on what we need and what we have to do to make this work. From now on, I'll be blogging my findings :)