Friday, December 23, 2011

A break at last!

There has been next to no free time since last June! Shortly after faerieworlds, we had to rush to build up our inventory for faerieworlds harvest. Another huge success! We made even more than last time, which we expected since it was at the beginning of the Halloween rush. I'm still trying to put together a movie for that one.

so right after Harvest fest, the Halloween orders on Etsy started pouring in. At that point we had run out of leather and had to order more (and as of today we are already very close to running out again! That only lasted us 3 months). The Halloween orders were coming in at 4 per day! In one month we pulled in about $2,000. I know I say this all the time, but the masks never cease to amaze me.

Immediately after came the December holiday rush. Not quite as chaotic as October, but still a nice amount of sales.

Somehow, amidst all that, I've managed to throw together a website, take new photos, and make new designs. Have I mentioned that I'm also in college? Haha, it is really quite a thrill.

Here's the new Athena pictures!