Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh The Festival Madness

We have three festivals scheduled for the next three months, and for past festivals we have  been averaging about 45 masks per festival. Hah... haha... this should be great.

I had a tech shop membership for a month to try out the laser cutter, and it was completely amazing. Turns out, a day pass is only $25, and we can cut out at least 15 masks in an hour. So with the next batch of leather I think we should be able to match our 45 item minimum. Here's a video of my experiences using the laser cutter:

The Berkeley Pagan festival is in 2 weeks and one day, so we have a LOT to do. Then the Walnut Creek Art and Wine festival is exactly 3 weeks after that (oh god why), and after that we have roughly 7 weeks to stock of for FaerieWorlds 2012.

Eve just got her car repaired which cost more than she had anticipated. I'll likely be buying the next round of leather so that we can scramble and make as much as we possibly can for the Art and Wine festival... that is a HUGE event in the bay area which averages 90,000 people attending. This is our first festival of that size. To put things in perspective, FaerieWorlds has around 15,000+ attendance. Thankfully the Art and Wine festival is walking distance from my new home!

Right now we have about 40 items for the Berkeley Pagan Festival, though only a handful are actually ready for sale. I'm painting my ass off, to say the least :)

If you'd like to visit us at any of the above mentioned festivals here's some information:

Berkeley Pagan Festival
Saturday May 12, 2010
10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Civic Center Park, Berkeley, California
Martin Luther King Jr. Way (between Center and Allston)
2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way ,  Berkeley CA 94704
Walking distance from Downtown Berkeley BART station

Walnut Creek Art and Wine Festival
Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3, 2012
Saturday: 11:00AM to 7:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM to 6:00PM
Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek, California
310 N. San Carlos Dr. (left turn off of Ygnacio)

FaerieWorlds Summer Celebration
NOT FREE EVENT - Ticket information here
(we usually receive a handful of free passes for Friday & Sunday as well as 20% off passes for Saturday that we can give out if you are interested)
Friday July 27, Saturday July 28, and Sunday July 29, 2012
Friday: 2:00PM - ?
Saturday: 12:30PM - ?
Sunday: 12:30PM - ?
(closing times usually around midnight but the party usually goes on well after)
 Directions here