Friday, December 23, 2011

A break at last!

There has been next to no free time since last June! Shortly after faerieworlds, we had to rush to build up our inventory for faerieworlds harvest. Another huge success! We made even more than last time, which we expected since it was at the beginning of the Halloween rush. I'm still trying to put together a movie for that one.

so right after Harvest fest, the Halloween orders on Etsy started pouring in. At that point we had run out of leather and had to order more (and as of today we are already very close to running out again! That only lasted us 3 months). The Halloween orders were coming in at 4 per day! In one month we pulled in about $2,000. I know I say this all the time, but the masks never cease to amaze me.

Immediately after came the December holiday rush. Not quite as chaotic as October, but still a nice amount of sales.

Somehow, amidst all that, I've managed to throw together a website, take new photos, and make new designs. Have I mentioned that I'm also in college? Haha, it is really quite a thrill.

Here's the new Athena pictures!

Friday, July 22, 2011

FaerieWorlds Wrap Up

Okay, obviously  bad at this whole blog thing. That video sums up the awesome of FaerieWorlds pretty well!

In a nut shell, we sold almost half of our mask/crown stock as well as some key chains. :) We grossed $1,100 which came to a little over $200 each for profits (after the booth costs and what not). We did the best on Saturday, despite the rain! :)

Got a couple custom orders too, which we have finished and just need to ribbon and send off.

Considering our next festival, FaerieWorlds Harvest, is in the throws of the Halloween season, I expect we'll make a LOT more!

An actual Oak Myth!

I found this to be a very interesting and quite awesome tale of the "Oak Myth" :)
(In all honesty I didn't know there were Oak Myths out and about! The name came from the combination of Eve's username and my own, Oakwitch and FeatherMyth.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So soon *twitch*

Ashley again.

Thursday morning, 6:00AM, Me, Eve, and our delightful boyfriends leave for faerieworlds. 9 hours of driving. A total of 43 masks and crowns (I'm laughing right now, thinking about our goal of 135).

Are we excited?

Are we nervous as fuck?

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Our last official work day! All that's left, really, is to touch up a crown, paint a dragon, varnish, ribbon, and fire proof the tent. Everything else is set.

Eve bought a cute little subaru wagon. Bessie! I trust her with my life... and our business (Bessie, don't you fucking dare mess this up for us. Just kididng I love you. But seriously).

It's scary and thrilling. I'm pretty sure we (as in, Eve) spent much more money than originally anticipated. Like, $300 just on extra vending passes and camping for the four of us, and two friends who are helping out.  Oh and our required extension chord was another $130 (10g 100ft...whyyy). But, if we sold every single mask and key chain, we would not only break even, we would each profit considerably. Good news! I just hope we don't sell out too quick.

I'm planning on taking as many pictures as possible. And of course, they will end up here :) Probably won't update again until after the festival is over. As always, thanks for the continued support.
Have a new mask design:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Time, where are you?

Oh yeah, the blog. Ashley here:

We have little over a month left before our first official vending adventure. Are we ready? Haha.... oh that's funny.

Well, we're close. Ish. Our inventory is small. At this point we have close to 30 masks completed and in the works. The tent has been secured. We have our staff. We JUST got our mask displays, which look completely awesome. Custom made! f-yeah *power fist pumpage*

At this point, the list of things to do before we are ready for FW:
-Make a lot more masks. A lot more.
-Get a fire extinguisher
-Get fire retardant spray
-Get an extension chord and a serge protector
-Invest in some sort of mirror(s)
-Invest in some bamboo flooring? That roll up kind that you see on beaches.
-See Harry Potter
-Kiss our boyfriends some more
-Make more masks
-Train ze staff
-Make masks
-Make key chains
-Oh and more masks. That would be good.

Soon, I'll be cutting out some significant boyfriend time (sad face) to add another Mask day to the schedule. Eve and I are pretty awesome about picking vacation time haha. She has her 3 year anniversary with Mike next week, and 2 weeks after, I'm going to Vegas to celebrate Frank's 21st b-day. Then we have about a week before faerieworlds.

BUT HEY I QUIT MY JOB! So that should open up more time.
Still, I sort of have this strange mix of "omgfuck what if this doesn't work out" and "omg yaaay! Yippie skippy! Nothing can go wrong in the faerie realm la la la la la *skips over a rainbow*"

Really, we're going to rock it no matter what.

Oh heyyy, so in other awesome news... People are starting to invite us to vend at their festivals! The Berkeley Pagan Festival is on our list for next year! We went this year, but just sort of showing off the masks on our faces. They got a LOT of attention. As in, we'd be looking through booths and people would come in the booths to check out our masks instead of what was being sold at the booth. I left early, but Eve stuck around with our buddy, Keenan. A woman approached them and well guess what? The masks are tentatively going to be appearing at the Berkeley World Music Festival! Sweet. Could it get better? WHELP, I THINK SO. Keenan and Eve hit up the Berkeley Hat Shop, and the manager want's to buy some masks to sell in the shop. 

Hokay, what. We're seriously not even trying. These masks are like magnets. Magical, beautiful, delicious, magnets of amazing.

See why I quit my job?

Anyway, have some new mask designs:

Gorgeously modeled by Eve! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It seems this blog has been rather neglected. No bueno!

Here's the latest since oct 1:

Ashley (me) is in a fantastic new relationship.
Ari is now flying solo; working on his own mask business.

Yes, oh my gods. The vending tent just arrived today! Ebay is the way to go, folks. We got a 10x10 pop up with walls and carrying case for $100! Mind you, when I was trying to pull the contraption out of it's tightly packed box, the darned bag ripped. It's fairly small though, so I think I should be able to patch it up. It weighs a total of 45 pounds. Luckily shipping was free.

My dad is having a fold out sign ("A line"... kind of like the real estate signs you see at street corners) made for us, with our business name engraved into the wood. Sweeeet. "Oak Myth Masks and Leathercraft" So thrilled.

And to top it all off? We've set a goal for ourselves of 135 masks. So far, we have:
6 Masks of the sun
1 Peacock Mask
1 Dryad Key Chain
1 Tree Mask
1 Octopus Key Chain
1 Masquerade Mask
1 Raven Half Mask (not pictured)

We need a lot more key chains and a hell of a lot more masks. But! We can make this happen. Every day, I'm doing more research on what we need and what we have to do to make this work. From now on, I'll be blogging my findings :)