Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FaerieWorlds Crunch Time

Hi Friends,

So as it usually goes 3 weeks before a festival, we're busily working away on building inventory.

For my own sanity, I'm making a o-do list in order of priority:

- finish all masks that are currently cut out
- stock up on more tiny top hats & hair accessories
- template new design ideas
- Finalize prices on everything + new master price sheet
- finalize new booth accessories
- make master packing list

Our goal for this year's FaerieWorlds is to have 50 masks, minimum. At our current rate we may very well have 65. Or more!

Also, I've been getting a lot of messages regarding using a laser cutter on leather, so I plan on making a big blog post about that. It will cover all the settings I use, general TechShop info, how to template a mask for laser cutting etc.

We've also been getting lots of requests for "vegan masks" or pleather masks. I'll be making a post about that in the future as well.

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