Friday, May 18, 2012

Pagan Festival!

Well that was a lot of crazy fun!

I have to give some legit props to the people who organize the Berkeley Pagan Festival and The Pagan Alliance. Things got kind of hectic, but it all worked out.

Initially when our booth placement was emailed out, Oak Myth Masks and Leathercraft was somehow listed in three separate locations, despite us only paying for one. Noelle at Firebird had been emailing us and we kept asking for our booths to be next to each other, but we ended up with 2 booths between us. Ah oh well. We certainly still had plenty of time to visit, chat, and give lots of love to each other.

Numerous times, people wandered into the tent to tell us how wonderful and magical the masks are. "Best masks I have ever seen!" was heard a few times too!

A few authors as well as a famous advocate for religious equality walked in as well, with more praise to give.

Sales were better than expected. All costs were completely covered and Eve and I went home with a good chunk of change to split between the two of us. Very close to the amount we made at FaerieWorlds! Hooray!

Last but not least, our delightful and beautiful friend, Carmen, showed up! She really gets animated when she wears the masks. This time, she put on the fox mask and ran around, dancing like a sly little graceful canine. Scored us a number of sales ♥♥♥ Needless to say, she's now invited to travel with us up the coast during all of our vending adventures.

Here is a short video of the festival:

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