Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This is probably the first time we aren't rushing like crazy to finish up masks; our current count is 40, and we're aiming for 50. I think we can do it! 

Eve is working on the bigger, bolder masks like the peacock [and I think a firebird will be after that], while I'm churning out a bunch of the smaller masks that require minimal tooling. I feel so much more efficient and in love with our work when the time stress isn't weighing heavily on our shoulders. It's resulting in some very adventurous adaptations on our usual works! Such as eyeball dragon:

And this complex cluster of detail:

It's so much fun!

Oregon Country Fair will undoubtably be our biggest festival to date, with an attendance that has reached over 50,000 in the last few years. The cost of attending is already significantly lower than FaerieWorlds ever was, with the added bonus of low competition, strictly handmade only, and none of the panic inducing things that plague us at FW. Oh and we won't have to haul up most of our equipment either- no pop up tent, no, table, no tapestries, no booth decorations... just the masks, stands, a mirror, and our transaction supplies. The switch seemed obvious, really. 

I feel so blessed that the skilled & talented Maeve Callahan offered to share her sacred booth space with us. Our masks will be displayed on the walls, surrounded by her fantastically creative dolls and puppets. They will definitely compliment each other; I'll post pictures after the festival is over! 

As always, thank you to the thousands of people who support us on Facebook, etsy, Pinterest, YouTube, and offline too. You folk are truly what makes this career so enjoyable. 

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