Friday, September 7, 2012

Current custom order to-do list

So this is our list of custom orders! Hopefully this should give you an idea of when to expect your order. Rush orders are marked with an asterisk *

Pre-exising designs: because we already have a template and know exactly what we're doing, these masks typically only take only 1 day to make.

Custom colors on pre-existing designs: these usually take a little longer, because I want to make sure I the mask looks how you want it to look. Still, the painting is the easy part, so it usually doesn't take more than 2 work days.

Custom designs: These take noticeably longer for a number of reasons (creating a new design, making it functional for the wearer's needs, making sure it's what the wearer wants etc.), so please allow for several weeks for a completed piece. Smaller custom orders will go faster.

The list!

Red and gold dragon for Michael - Shaped

Snowy Owl mask - need by oct 24th
Full face stone mask for William - need by December.
Demon helmet mask for OmbreCacciatore - not started (need next year)

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